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Bohemia Suites & Spa wants to lead the tourism and gastronomy world in a tourist destination such as Maspalomas Costa Canaria, contributing with their knowledge and know-how to the development of common projects, continuous qualitative training for its workers and external people and the economy of proximity and circular environment. We are committed to the creation and implementation of unique experiences.

LaBoh is located in the lobby of the hotel, in a visible and accessible place to all the employees, guests and external clients, who may also participate in workshops, trainings, masterclasses, seminars and courses.



The gastronomic laboratory is a space that reflects that gastronomy and hospitality are complex realities and rich in nuances to explore. LaBoh's laboratory is the place where we invite all the chefs and creative gastronomic professionals to be able to give free rein to their creativity and inspiration.

New Technologies

New technologies have become part and parcel of our daily lives from the personal communication to the management of big companies.


We research on current creation processes and experiment with new methods to which we try to apply ideas from other disciplines such as scientific techniques, culture...

We develop our own offers for the tourism industry around the activity of LaBoh but also participate in projects from other sectors and help those interested in creating their own offers. We research on new sensory experiences.

We advise on organization of events, wine and food tastings, masterclasses, conferences and exhibitions. Our lab is the perfect place to bring science and technique together and develop R+D+I projects


Bohemia Suites & Spa, as a company linked to the tourism and gastronomy industries, has become a testing ground for companies and other institutions to develop ideas and rethink innovation and development.

A different way of understanding nutrition

Nutrition is an essential part of our lives as it allows us to get the necessary nutrients that we need to survive. Far from being simply a biological fact, nutrition is also an emotional and social process.

Emotions and nutrition are linked and we must become aware of the importance of choosing a healthy diet. We are committed to researching healthy habits and food in order to be able to develop new culinary trends.

Finding the perfect sip

LaBoh is a space where we can apply our 360º philosophy, not only experimenting with new techniques, creations and ingredients but also with new methods in a place where all our creative ideas can take root.

We should not only focus in our industry but we should also think out of the box and get inspired by ideas coming from other industries. We do not only refer to gastronomy (chefs, bartenders, patissiers and sommeliers are ready part of our daily exchange of ideas) but to other fields such as art, technology and science.

The creation method and discipline of painters, sculptors, designers, chemists, physicists, technology developers and methodology teachers can be great sources of inspiration.

Discovering new talents

We offer group experiences to exchange ideas that we can turn into projects and discover new talents.

We want you to feel it as a day of the week dedicated to yourself and your project. A day to cultivate your passions, create, plan your freedom and develop your creative project.

This is your space, your reference and guide. We will help you design your plan and guide you step by step. You will soon be celebrating your first achievements, which will empower you, motivate you and help you go further. Surround yourself with people with the same goals and feel part of the group. This group experience will help you find yourself and discover your gifts and abilities to turn and idea into a profitable project.


"If we think about how creativity is really born in people's mind we really notice how mysterious this process can be. First, you need inspiration,  then is when concentration helps you reach imagination. This is when creativity starts flowing. For me, LaBoh is a state and a constant search and starting over. A place to find shelter every time I want to try something new. The place to come back when a stage in my life is over and, of course, the place to develop an idea, a new project or to keep dreaming." 

FERNANDO CALVO, General Manager


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