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The artists of Bohemia

Staying at Bohemia Suites & Spa is like stepping into a work of art, and this is possible thanks to the work of great artists whose creations reflect our bohemian spirit:

It is a place dedicated to free-minded people who enjoy life to the fullest and with all their senses.

Juan Cabrera

He is interested in everything related to art, in all its manifestations, but his great passion is painting. «Every creative process begins inside my head and is captured in my soul before I physically create it, and then, during the creative process, it changes again until obtaining the final artwork.»

On the reception columns he applied mural techniques to create huge mermaids that look like to jump out of the sea and are visible to the human eye. At the spa, he created paintings with very diaphanous marine animal motifs to give a feeling of spaciousness. At LaBoh, he installed a high-relief representation of a dinosaur fossil made of resin and polyester.



Carolina Mejías

Carolina Mejías - born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is an experienced artist whose paintings have been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally in Paris, Monaco and Germany, among others.

«I paint things that in themselves transmit calm, such as the sea, flowers and sunrises. Things that make you want to live when you contemplate them. I have dreamt of becoming a painter since I was four years old, and I strive every day to offer the highest quality and the best of myself. It is a dream come true to be able to make a living from it and to have my efforts valued. I am always grateful to all the people who support me. And it is a great honor for me to exhibit at the Bohemia Hotel because the human quality is the highest»

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Gloria Miralbell i Creus

For Gloria, ceramics is a way of life. The combination of Gloria's art and Paco Pérez's design is a perfect synergy in the world of ceramic crafts.

The inspiration for the design of the tableware for the 360º restaurant (dinner plates, breakfast cups, spoon holders) came after her visit to this panoramic restaurant: a space surrounded by nature. «I was struck by the magnificent views, the expanse of the Maspalomas dunes and the meeting of the land with the immensity of the Atlantic.» This was the basis for the creative work: curved, organic shapes in combination with golden colours and bluish tones reminiscent of the crystal clear sea.



Luis Vallejo


The design of the 500m² of our gardens is the work of the contemporary landscape designer Luis Vallejo, who combines spatial beauty with the use of native Canarian flora with other tropical species: palms, orchids, frangipani, bougainvillea, lavender, curry flowers, mosses, succulents and cactus.



Javier Mejías

The idea was to compose an elegant melody, with a very rhythmic accompaniment, that could be used both for a video-clip and for an advertisement, and that would also fit perfectly with the hotel´s background music.

«I imagine that it could be played live by a Big Band, where the accompaniment of the double bass and guitar in the style of 'Django Reinhardt' would set a super danceable rhythm, and in the orchestra, the musicians would play with a lot of swing. First the flute, then the clarinet, the trombone, the trumpet, a second guitar and so on. A female voice would play with her notes at the beginning and end of the stage. This is how I imagine the music of the Bohemia Hotel. 5-star music.»



Rufina Santana

Rufina's great passion is art and she is always in search of beauty and harmony, profession, life, family and friends, study or travel. Everything is connected.

At Bohemia, she performed a duet with Javier Mejías, producer and DJ, who composed a piece of music for her project: El viaje del Héroe (The Hero's Journey). —«In the painting, the circle represents the moon rising above the sea, and in the light it emits, the hero, sailing in his boat, can see the waves, which are women dancing on the surface of the water like mermaids. It is a poetic work that deals with the relationship between the moon and the sea, and on certain nights, like the one when the painting was made, it can really be seen from the roof of the hotel.»