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Access to the establishment and right of admission


The hotel is open to the public, however, to enter and stay in the hotel´s facilities it is necessary to comply with the restrictions established by law, the rules of this establishment and the general rules of coexistence and hygiene.

The hotel is not responsible for the behavior of guests or for the objects, substances or materials that they may bring with them into the room. This is because the hotel is not permitted to check guests' luggage.

Failure to comply with the stated rules will result in a ban on access to the hotel and/or stay in the hotel.

Reasons and situations for access denial or expulsion of a person from the establishment:

  • Full occupancy of the hotel.
  • Failure to pay the contracted rate.
  • Showing violent attitudes or aggressive behavior.
  • Carrying weapons or objects that can be used as weapons, unless they are members of the security forces duly accredited in the exercise of their duties.
  • Wearing clothing or symbols that incite violence, racism or xenophobia.
  • Creating situations of danger or discomfort for other customers or employees.
  • Showing obvious signs of being under the influence of narcotic substances.
  • Disrespecting hotel employees or customers.
  • Generating noise.
  • Attitudes contrary to the sanitation and cleanliness of the establishment.
  • Failure to comply with the rules for the prevention of contagion by other contagious diseases.
  • Attempting against the social coexistence of the establishment or disturbing other guests or visitors.
  • Discriminatory acts against other guests, visitors or employees of the hotel.
  • Failure to pay for required services or facilities.
  • Removing objects or goods from the hotel without authorization.
  • Damage or deteriorate the hotel's facilities, goods and services.
  • Disclosing or disseminating confidential hotel information obtained during the stay.
  • Accessing the establishment with pets other than guide dogs or assistance dogs (except in cases authorised by the hotel management).