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Business and events
hotel in Gran Canaria

We live in a world of constant change in which we have decided to create new ways to impress, connect and thrill through the organization of events in a space open to everybody.


Located on the 8th floor of the hotel, it provides the most spectacular views over Playa del Inglés and the Maspalomas Dunes. Completely soundproof, the Vip Hall is perfect for meetings, presentations or other private events. It counts with two terraces and a private entrance. The elegant wooden floor, the integrated leather sofa and the leather wall with illuminated Swarovski crystal insertions give the note of exclusivity to its 50m2 surface.

Cabaret: 25 people
Imperial: 15 people
Theatre: 35 people
U: 10 people

*Rent with material: Pens and paper, flip chart, whiteboard, projector and water.
*include a link to the coffee dossier (pdf)


Located on the ground floor of the hotel with easy access, this multidisciplinary space offers all kinds of possibilities to create larger events. It is an open space that allows the creation of different areas and multiple functions to made creativity flow in a natural way. The adjoining outdoors terrace let the room with natural light and is at the same time a pleasant place for a break overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Cabaret: 50 people
Imperial: 35 people
Theatre: 70 people
U: 20 people

*Rent with material: Pens and paper, flip chart, whiteboard and TV 46’'.
*include a link to the coffee dossier (pdf)