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Creative Lab
by Bohemia

LaBoh is a centre focused on creativity, research, improvement, knowledge and the creation of experiences. A place to share knowledge and participate in projects.

It is located in the lobby of the hotel, in a visible and accessible place to all the employees, guests and external clients, who may also participate in workshops, trainings, masterclasses, seminars and courses.

 Important advice: Once the hotel is reopened all its outlets like bars, Spa, restaurant etc. may suffer operational and structural changes due to the effects of the sanitary crisis caused by COVID19. The hotel reserves the right to change processes, capacities and opening hours etc. without prior notice.

*Temporaly unavailable



Friday and Saturday | At 8pm | LaBoh

At LaBoh, creative lab by Bohemia Suites & Spa, we have launched “Around the Table”, a gastronomic menu served on a single table next to the kitchen of our chef Juan Bertolín.

Take part in a night in which he shares experiences and stories of the trips that left a memory on his taste buds.

85€ (drinks not included)

Information and Bookings
+34 928 56 34 00

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