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Bohemia Health & Recovery

Bohemia Health & Recovery

What is it?

Bohemia Health & Recovery is the result of the combined experience of a group of professionals specialized in healthcare who, after years committed to improving the life of their patients, have decided to go beyond and create a comprehensive project adapted to individual needs and objectives.

Bohemia Health & Recovery has come into being in the south of Gran Canaria, in a unique environment created by the fusion of the Dunes of Maspalomas, the Atlantic Ocean, the Sun and the philosophy of Bohemia Suites & Spa. It is a method created with the aim of helping people develop good habits and reach well-being. A proposal summarized as Live Well, Feel Better.

Our doors are not only open for those interested in the whole plan but also for those who only need some of our services or therapies separately. We are not only focused on people with a certain pathology but also on those interested in
simply improving their life.

Who we are

Bohemia Health & Recovery counts on a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, personal trainers, a nutritionist and a Yoga instructor with years of experience and acknowledged prestige. Our physiotherapists are experts in diferent fields and trained to treat all kind of pathologies of the locomotor system, to prevent injuries, to teach postural hygiene and so on.

The personal trainer offers the possibility of carrying out training sessions adapted to individual or group needs. The nutritionist provides advice on dietary guidelines adapted to individual conditions and goals. The Yoga instructor focuses on body aches and the fluctuations and steadiness of the mind.


Contact Us

Find out where we are and how to get in touch with us through email or phone.

+34 928 128 321

Bohemia Suites & Spa
Avenida Estados Unidos, 28
C.P. 35100, Playa del Inglés
Gran Canaria

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